Thursday, 31 December 2015

3 Reasons you need SEO in your Virtual Tour Description

Whether you are posting your virtual tours on your own site, or on a number of different real estate sites, having search engine optimization can help buyers and buyers’ agents find your listing. Here are three reasons SEO is a must for your virtual tour descriptions:
  1. Search Engines: Search engines start churning every time a potential buyer does a search online. The more help you can offer them, the easier it is for them to find you. By using keywords that are relevant to the buyer you can help search engines such as Google zero in on your listing. Using a real estate virtual tour system that allows you to easily highlight your keywords from the number of bedrooms to the familiar term used for a popular neighborhood, will make it easy to add SEO without too much additional work.
  2. Home Buyer Habits: You probably have heard that more than 83 percent of today’s home buyers start their house hunt online. Before they even contact an agent, they are looking for homes, viewing virtual tours and visiting open houses thanks to their own searches online. SEO helps to make sure that during their search they are more likely to find your listings. A virtual tour in hand with SEO will help bring your listings closer to the top of the rankings.
  3. Your Listing Description: While writing an effective listing description, it is worth taking a little more time to highlight keywords that will attract the right buyers. When you write your listing description, pay careful attention to opportunities to add keywords. You want them to appear naturally in your descriptive sentences and to be as specific as possible. For example mention a “hip” name for a tiny area within a high demand neighborhood, use a specific descriptor for features such as reclaimed wood floors or brick fireplaces or even a desirable home builder known for building exceptional homes with plenty of upgrades. All of these words should be mentioned in your listing description to help fine tune your keywords. You should also be mindful of common keywords such as homes for sale in Austin, or the city that applies. These will be searched often and will assist with your SEO efforts.

The Realtour virtual tour tool makes adding SEO to your listing description easy.
Using keywords and SEO opportunities improves exposure for your virtual tours and in turn for your listings. If you wish to add SEO to your virtual tours simply go to your SEO tab while making your tour, cut and paste your listing description into the main box and then type in the keywords you wish to highlight for SEO purposes. It's virtually effortless real estate marketing!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Five New Years’ Resolutions for Real Estate Agents

This year why not make a few New Years’ resolutions that will help you become more prosperous? Here are five perfect New Years’ resolutions to help increase your sales for 2016:

  1. Use Professional Photography: If you are still standing in front of your properties holding a cell phone to take your images, then make a promise to start using a professional photographer in 2016. Nothing can make a property look shabbier, smaller and less impressive than cell phone photos. You want to have full sized images using HDR to sell properties. Remember a picture is worth 1,000 words. Don’t use the tool you depend on for texts, reading emails and speaking to clients to take pictures. Save that for your selfies. Instead book a pro and let your virtual tours and eflyers do the rest of the work for you. And remember, potential clients might decide to check out your current listings before they decide to hire you. The better quality your marketing materials, the more professional you will appear. Professionalism = more clients.
  2. Use Quality Virtual Tours: More than 83 percent of home buyers start looking for homes online. That means often before they even speak to a real estate agent, they already have a list of homes they want to see. You can’t have a basic virtual tour, or worse no tour at all, if you want to sell houses in 2016. Make it a point to go all out on your virtual tours using pro photography, music and captions to wow clients and woo buyers.
  3. Full Exposure:  Make sure you take advantage of all of the tools at your disposal and make a resolution you will post your virtual tours on the best real estate sites. This will allow more buyers and their agents to find your listing for more views and faster sales. Popular sites include Trulia, Zillow, YouTube, Vast and of course
  4. Get the Word out with Eflyers: If you have been depending on virtual tours to help sell houses, but nothing beyond that, than you are still not going to sell homes as quickly as you would like. Make sure that your virtual tours get noticed by sending out an eflyer with a link to the tour. This resolution will help get your listing in front of more buyers’ agents. Using a targeted system to reach agents in the right area is also important. Send out your open house announcements with branded flyers complete with stunning photos of your properties to bring more agents to your viewings.
  5. Keep in Touch with Newsletters: Many real estate agents make the mistake of thinking of past clients as just that: from the past. However those past clients can be the key to future leads and even future sales should they decide to sell. Make sure you remain top of mind by making a resolution to send out a monthly, quarterly or seasonal newsletter that allows you to keep in touch. Sharing interesting articles, tips, recipes and fun information is the perfect way to remain top of mind and could even result in some referrals for you. In fact, finding a newsletter service that offers specialty newsletters designed to offer information about the selling or buying process, preparing for open houses, mortgages, etc. will allow you to send personal emails to single clients with the focused information they need.

Make 2016 the year your resolutions are prosperity focused by improving your marketing and presenting a more professional image. offers an integrated marketing suite designed to make life easy and assist you in selling homes more quickly. It is virtually effortless real estate marketing.

Monday, 21 December 2015

3 Tips for Better Results on your Email Marketing Campaigns

When you invest money in an email marketing campaign, you want to ensure your email reaches as many interested real estate agents as possible. Here are three tips on how you can improve your reach and avoid being marked as SPAM:
  1. Smart Targeting: You want to reach as many interested buyers’ agents as possible. Believe it or not, this does not always mean blasting your email marketing out to as many agents as possible. You want to target the agents who will most likely be interested in your listing.
    Smart targeting is all about quality over quantity. 
    Consider the geographic areas that will have active buyers looking for properties such as yours. You have to look at the map and think about who will want to see your home and who will be more likely to have a client who is looking in your area. Remain within the logical boundaries that make the most sense so you condense and concentrate your search for better results.
  2. Less is Often More: It is very easy to think that you might be missing out on agents with a client looking to relocate. Yes, there are always people looking for homes outside of their current area. The problem is there is no way for you to know where these agents are located. Since you honestly can’t foresee where you will find these agents, it makes more sense not to try to find them by going too far beyond the logical boundaries. Again, stick to the areas that make the most sense to keep costs down and response levels up.
  3. Sensational Subject Lines: Nothing turns an honest agent off more than sensational subject lines that appear too “Spammy”. As an email marketing rule keep in mind that people in general are a little wary of caps, too many exclamation marks and blatant comments that appear to come across as false advertising. You want to get across the most important points that will attract them to the property such as dates and times for open houses as opposed to draws, bonuses and lunches if they attend. The majority of agents might take offence to you enticing them with bonuses and free lunches as it insinuates they are not working in their clients’ best interest. Instead mention things such as the date and address, the location especially in high demand areas or a sought after feature that is hard to come by in the current market.  Use facts not hype to remain trustworthy and professional.

Remember your email marketing campaigns are a worthwhile investment and you want to see the best possible ROI. The more targeted and effective your email campaigns, the better results you will see. has a special mapblast tool to assist you in targeting the right agents for your email estate marketing campaigns

Friday, 18 December 2015

The 3 Best Tools for your Marketing Arsenal

If you want to sell houses faster, you need to get in front of the right buyers' agents. Providing them with a clear view of the listing and all of its features as quickly and effectively as possible will allow you to draw attention and spend less days on the market.
The best way to do this is to put together a marketing campaign that covers all of your bases. Here are three tools that will not only reach the right people, but that will also do so effectively:
83% of home buyers start their house hunt online.
  1. Virtual Tour: The virtual tour is a must as it makes it easier for agents and buyers to take a look at the property. It is no secret that more than 83 percent of buyers start their home search online. Make sure they can find you and take a walk through of your listings easily with a virtual tour. You want to have your tour appear on the most popular sites such as Zillow,, Trulia and YouTube so that you are covering a broader audience. Showcasing a show stopper? Consider kicking it up a notch with a 3D tour for a completely realistic walk through experience.
  2. Eflyer: How are you going to reach buyers' agents? Eflyers. You want to have as much exposure as possible for your listings. Having a trusted email service complete with templates, targeted mailing lists and stats is the best way to go. You not only get your listings in front of buyers' agents in the right area, but also have stats to show your clients what you are doing on their behalf. Elfyers and virtual tours go together as the perfect package. All of the details are at the agent’s finger tips making it easy for them to add it to their list of “must sees” for their clients. It also makes sure people see your virtual tour. Your eflyers are a sure fire way to get the word out about your Open Houses, reduced pricing, etc.
  3. Print Brochures/Flyers: Last but not least you want to make sure everyone has a take away when they visit the open house. A print brochure or flyer is ideal to have not only inside the home, but also in a holder on the for sale sign on the lawn. Reach as many buyers as you can and give them something to hold onto so the house stays top of mind. List the virtual tour address on your flyers as well so they can take a walk through of the property from home to remember all of the features. And don't forget about the agents who decide to view the home before suggesting it to their client. They will appreciate having a brochure or flyer to show to their clients complete with photos and the address to view the virtual tour as a pre-sell to get them interested.

Your marketing campaigns need to be easy and affordable while still ensuring they remain effective. The use of these three marketing tools as a package allows you to hit your target in order to attract the right people interested in putting in an offer. makes it easy to create an entire marketing campaign affordably and effectively using their online marketing suite. 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

5 Reasons Winter is the Season to use Newsletters

You are a busy real estate agent working on auto pilot throughout the listing season. As winter rolls in it is easy to want to slow down. However winter it is not an excuse to stop your marketing efforts. Here are five reasons winter is the season to use newsletters to keep in touch:
  1. Winter is the season of holidays which provides you with the perfect opportunity to send out a folksy newsletter filled with fun ideas for decorating, recipes, entertaining, gift buying and all things Christmassy. Clients are more likely to look at this as a nice touch on your part. And let’s not forget New Years’ and Valentine’s Day as an excuse to reach out in January and February.
  2. The changing of the seasons is always a good time to share information with homeowners. You can look for information that is suited to your climate and offer tips on maintenance, heating and/or cooling, garden care, great DIY projects for winter, etc.
  3. Keeping in touch during the winter will keep you top of mind come spring when people consider selling their home. A monthly general newsletter that shares interesting facts about the real estate market will keep people interested in the value of their home and help them see the benefits of making a move come spring.
  4. Sending newsletters with information specific to your clients’ city and location also help show them that you know the area. Interesting snippets about the area such as a link to current events, a fun new shop, a hot restaurant or even a home d├ęcor trend will help them see you have a passion for the area and understand home ownership.
  5. Keeping in touch with interesting and relevant information might also have clients sharing the newsletter with friends and family. This in turn can generate some new leads for you.

Although newsletters are a marketing tool that can be used all year long, they become even more important in the winter. Sharing a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter throughout the winter months will help keep you top of mind when listing season returns. offers a wide assortment of pre-written and designed Ready to Send newsletters ready to share with clients throughout the winter months. Try our free 30 day trial offer today.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Five Real Estate Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time of year to reach out to former clients and contacts and work to generate leads. Here are just a few easy and affordable ways to market yourself over the holiday season:
  1. Traditional Holiday Cards: Chances are you already have a mailing list of all of your past and current clients. Sending hand written holiday cards is the perfect way to thank them for their business and potentially help generate referrals.
  2. Fundraiser: Arranging a fundraiser is a great way to demonstrate your sense of community
    Festive eflyer templates make it easy to send holiday
    messages to clients.
    during the holidays. You can arrange a food or toy drive and have people drop donations off at your office. This is a perfect arrangement as it brings people into the office while profiling your brokerage as a caring business that puts people first. You can then send out a press release to local media to see if you can get some coverage as well as eflyers to local agents.
  3. Open House with Santa: Holding an open house with Santa for a few hours at your office is a great way to mingle and get to know people. You can have a simple invite you drop off in the area and even arrange for an RSVP postcard to encourage people to call the office. As part of your decorations display current listings and recently sold homes on a festive bulletin board. This is a good way to let people see the current value of their homes. Have a photo station set up for kids to get their picture taken with Santa with a backdrop that displays your logo. Have branded goodie bags for the kids and raffle off a toy as a way to collect emails or phone numbers.
  4. Christmas Countdown: Start a Christmas countdown using a branded newsletters via email. Share tips, recipes, decoration and entertaining ideas to keep people engaged. People are always looking for new ideas during the holidays and they will appreciate you thinking to include them. You can also print some off and ask local shops to put them at their front counter.
  5. Photo Contest on your Website/Social Media: Have fun on your website and social media running a contest for funniest holiday pictures, most festive pet or best holiday decorations. Offer a prize for the best entrants and help get people into the holiday spirit.

It’s all about combining traditional and modern marketing techniques to generate leads and encourage referrals during the holiday season. Don’t forget to include the people who help you with referrals throughout the year such as fellow agents, insurance companies, title companies, lawyers and financial institutions. is offering a free 30 day trial for their holiday Ready to Send Newsletters and also have a lovely selection of eflyer templates ready for your holiday sentiments. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How to Brand Your Virtual Tours for YouTube

When creating a virtual tour in your Realtour account, you can improve your exposure by choosing to post your tour on either our YouTube channel or your own. Although our system will add your contact information, many agents prefer to have more prominent branding on their tours. You can use our captions tool to have your contact information appear throughout the duration of the tour.
The step of adding captions should be completed before posting it to YouTube. 

Our captions tool allows you to brand your tour more effectively for YouTube.

To add branding captions follow these simple steps:
  • Go to the Manage Photos tab 
  • Click the Edit/Add Captions link below your first image
  • In the Location field, Type the name of your company and then in the captions field type: For more information please call your name and phone number. 
  • Copy your text and then click the Next Image link appearing in the bottom right corner of the image box.
  • Paste the copy into the next box and click Next Image and continue this until you have completed all of the images
You can roll over the images in the Manage Photos box to make sure you have covered all the images or proof your video and you will see your contact information appearing throughout the tour.

Once your tour is complete you will receive an email from us that includes a link to activate your YouTube posting. Click this link to provide permission to post it to YouTube.

You can add captions after your tour is  live by logging onto your account, going to the Virtual Tours box on your dashboard, clicking edit existing and then click edit for the tour in question. You can then follow the steps above. In this case you will also have to go to the Virtual Tour Links tab, select YouTube and opt to post it on our YouTube site or yours.

As a final step you can download the video provided in our email and upload it to your own YouTube channel. For even more exposure you can choose to add your logo as a watermark on your YouTube Channel following the instructions here.

For step by step instructions for adding captions in general click here. For more information about our virtual tours and marketing tools please visit

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Two Technologies to help you sell Houses

Selling properties is becoming more dependent on technology. Today’s buyer starts their search online and is becoming savvier on what they expect to see in their online search. Two technologies that are raising the bar and helping agents give the best possible online experience include drone aerial photography and video in hand with 3D virtual tours.

Drones make impactful aerial photos affordable & accessible.

Birds' Eye Perspective with Drones

Drones offer an affordable way for real estate photographers to provide buyers with a birds' eye perspective not only of a property, but the surrounding area. From an overhead look at the street and neighboring homes to local amenities and transportation, the drone is giving buyers a more interesting and detailed perspective on the homes they might be interested in viewing.
Drones offer stunning views from above showing green areas, land and interesting perspectives for the approach of the home. This makes an everyday virtual tour more exciting and also provides more visual details without the need to read through the information about the area itself.

Realistic Viewing with 3D Virtual Tours

The 3D virtual tour is providing a walk through experience like no other. Buyers can literally walk through the home for a realistic experience that does not just show the rooms of the home, but also a concept of the flow and layout of the home. Instead of trying to match floor plans to images of rooms, they will have a tour as close as possible to actually physically viewing the home in real life.
Busy buyers do not have time to visit homes like they used to. This new perspective combining aerial video and images with a 3D virtual tour makes it easier for buyers to narrow down their options for perspective purchases.

If you want to learn more about this new technology, email to find a drone photographer in your area*. View our sample 3D virtual tour, 3D virtual tours are available in Houston and Dallas.

*Photography services are available in Texas, Colorado. Florida, Arizona, Illinois and California

Monday, 26 October 2015

Happy Halloween and Other Favorite Holidays

As a real estate agent nothing gives you a better excuse to keep in touch with your clients than the holidays. Whether it is Halloween, the arrival of summer or the two month period from Thanksgiving through to New Years, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to reach out to clients.

Say Hello

You can say hello with a simple message in an email, drop postcards into mail boxes or better yet send out a newsletter (print or digital) with holiday tips, decor ideas and recipes. The more you share the important seasons with your clients, the more you will remain top of mind.

Share Information

Whether you know about some wonderful local holiday event, have a great family recipe you want to share, or even have pictures of the kids and dog dressed up for Halloween, sharing information that is just slightly personal brings you closer to your clients and shows them you are a homey person with a family and life just like their's. It is the perfect way to offer advice, friendly, folksy ideas and information home owners appreciate.

Take Advantage of the Calendar

Use your calendar to your advantage by marking out all of the holidays and seasonal milestones that are ideal for sharing information and contacting clients. You can then plan out what messages you would like to send. Again, how involved you want to get is up to you. The important thing is you take the opportunity to reach out with a plan that will keep you on track with monthly little messages that keep you in touch with clients without appearing overly aggressive.

Newsletters Work

Newsletters are the perfect way to keep in touch throughout the year. You can send them based on your calendar plan with seasonal tips for home maintenance, holiday fun and even special times such as back to school and flu season. Get creative, or use an affordable subscription that provides you with an easy way to send out messages and newsletters that are pre-written with colorful photos to make a good impression. As well newsletters will offer valuable information people will actually appreciate. Many agents report that their clients actually look forward to receiving their newsletters and miss them if they are not sent out.

Realtour offers dozens of seasonal and holiday newsletters ready to send to clients whenever you need them.

Monday, 19 October 2015

4 Reasons you should use a Graphic Designer

As a real estate agent it is essential the marketing tools you use look polished, reflect the beauty of the property and most of all present you as a professional. Whether you are dealing with fellow agents or someone buying or selling a home they expect a professional they can trust to represent their interests and get the job done. Here are four reasons a professional Graphic Designer will provide you with the image you need to find new clients and sell homes:

1.       The Right Message: The average time you have to make an impression with marketing materials is 11 seconds. A Graphic Designer understands how to prioritize messaging and ensure people see what you want them to see. They will make your brand, property information and headline work together so you get your message across quickly.
2.       Brand Consistency: A small investment for graphic design will provide you with the image you want to sell homes. A Graphic Designer will create professional, sleek templates you can use for eflyers, brochures, postcards, etc. using brand consistency to maintain your integrity. Agents will recognize your brand and will be more inclined to read your eflyers and pick up your brochures to share with their clients.
3.       Save Time & Money: No one knows better than you that your time is limited. Struggling to design your own marketing collateral takes time that could be better spent helping your clients. A professional Graphic Designer is educated on how to best capture the look you want and reflect your brand. They can complete your project in a fraction of the time you would, saving you money in the long run.
4.       Professional Image: Just like taking snaps from your cell phone won’t present the homes you are selling in a good light, homemade brochures and other marketing collateral will not sell you as a professional. A Graphic Designer will create a polished look for all of your collateral so people trust you.

Working with a graphic designer will provide you with quality designs for your marketing collateral to instil trust and help you succeed. When in doubt you can at least opt for software that offers ready-made templates designed specifically for real estate agents.

Realtour offers professional Graphic Design services to customize all of your marketing collateral. We also offer templates designed for real estate professionals that make it easy to create your own marketing campaigns. For more information email, or visit to learn more about our virtually effortless real estate marketing tools.

Friday, 9 October 2015

How Real Estate Postcards help find Sellers

Digital marketing has made it easier than ever for buyers to find you and your listings. However when it comes to recruiting the ever elusive seller the most effective tool to find new clients selling their home is real estate postcards! Here is why real estate postcards help find sellers.

  • Real Estate Postcards Hit Home: Postcards provide you with the easiest way to hit your target area without the need for expensive mailing lists. They go right to the people you want to recruit and you can drop them into mailboxes when you are out and about.
  • Home by Home: Got someone looking for a Tudor home in the area? Drop a postcard in the mailboxes of Tudors in the area with a personalized hand written note that says “I have a client with a budget of $500k who is interested in buying your home.”
  • Money Talks: Announcing how much homes are selling for in an area often surprises homeowners who can then be enticed to learn more with an evaluation.
  • Trust Factor: Consumers are still a little suspicious of emails from strangers appearing in their inboxes. Printed postcards can be held in their hand without the fear they might get a virus when they read it.
  • Generating Leads: Postcards help generate leads by planting a seed in the minds of homeowners. When your postcards are received, homeowners take note of your face and the fact you have sold homes in their area. They will remember you when they are thinking of selling, or even to refer you to a friend or family member who might mention selling their home.
  • First to Call: Stats show that 63% of homeowners will work with the first real estate agent they call when selling their home. If you are always dropping your postcards into someone’s mail box your face and information will be familiar and they are more likely to call you rather than looking for someone online. Your call to action to “Call me for your free home evaluation today!” will catch their attention and keep you top of mind.

Real estate postcards are effective because they literally hit people where they live without the need for mailing lists.  

Realtour offers real estate postcard templates designed for your personalized message, images and branding for just $9.99. They are also FREE with our email marketing services, Photo Shoots or Platinum Virtual Tour packages. Click here to open a FREE account or email for more information about our real estate marketing tools and agency Group Discounts.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How Real Estate Eflyers Enhance Your Reach

The best way to sell a house is to get your listing information in front of as many buyers’ agents as possible.  A targeted eflyer blast will reach as many buyers’ agents as you wish to target without depending on them to find you on MLS.

Using the Push Method

The first thing a buyers’ agent does when they get a new client is go to the MLS to search homes.  They make a list and send it to their client.  This is a pull system, where the agent has to go to the MLS to get the info needed.  However, eflyers use a push method that allows you to literally push info to the agent and trigger a "that is just what my client is looking for” response. They are happy to receive the email as it is less work for them.

Email Marketing Works

Your MLS listing can be listed on the market after tons of agents did their MLS search.  What if they miss that listing? The eflyer method gets the listing in front of buyers’ agents faster and they view the listing because it can result in potential earnings for them.

Agents that use eflyers are always repeat users because they see results following every eflyer blast they send. When Realtour first offered our eflyer program, one of our best customers asked "Why would I use an eflyer when all the listings are in the MLS and an agent just has to go there to get the listing info?"   We told him to try it just once and he became a regular eflyer customer because of the responses he got off his first blast. 

Targeted Audience

Realtour has the best delivery method on the Internet.  Almost all of our competitors have the same old, out dated lists sorted by zip as this is the easiest way for a non skilled programmer to sort with zero effort. Realtour has expert programmers who make the effort to maintain a comprehensive list of active agents and email addresses so your eblast always hits interested buyers’ agents.

Stop depending on the pull method. Use the push method by visiting today and enjoy a FREE membership with access to the most effective and affordable eblast and eflyer system in the business.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Putting Keep in Touch Marketing to Work

Keep in touch marketing is the folksy, friendly approach to real estate marketing. It is non-invasive and provides information that homeowners can actually use. One of the best ways to keep in touch with clients is electronic newsletters.

Friendly Content

Newsletters allow you to stay in contact with clients without trying to sell yourself. Instead you are providing interesting tips relevant to home ownership such as DIY, entertaining, local events and decorating. These tips can prove to be useful and worth the read for many clients who appreciate you are not trying to sell them anything. You are keeping in touch with seasonally driven content ideal for helping homeowners enjoy their homes. You can even offer tips to help them increase the value of their investment.

The Referral

When you remain in contact with clients you will be the first person they think of when someone they know is ready to buy or sell a home. Sending information that is worth sharing with easy to read formats, visually appealing images and well written copy can inspire clients to forward your newsletters to friends and family.

Most clients appreciate receiving informative newsletters. However most real estate agents don’t have the time to put together a good newsletter that will provide interesting, engaging information that will benefit their clients.

Engaging Content Maintains Clients

The more engaging the content the more of an expert you will become. You can cover relevant topics monthly, weekly or even seasonally to keep in touch. Popular topics for real estate newsletters include:
  • Seasonal Information
  • Mortgage & Finance Updates
  • Neighborhood Updates
  • DIY Projects & Ideas
  • Home Reno Tips
  • Recipes and Entertaining Tips
  • Eco-Friendly Living
  • Moving Tips
  • Buying and Selling Tips
  • Senior & Retirement Living
  • Gardening
  • Home Maintenance
You can help homeowners take care of their homes, improve their home’s value and lead a happier lifestyle with a simple newsletter shared when the time seems right!

Realtour’s Ready to Send newsletters provide regularly updated newsletters covering engaging topics that are relevant to homeowners, home buyers and home sellers. Our constantly growing library covers everything from DIY and home ownership tips to targeted newsletters ideal for specific market segments. We offer an affordable way to keep in touch!

Click here to learn more about how you can have access to LIMITLESS pre-written, designed and personalized newsletters and LIMITLESS eBlasts for up to 20,000 clients per blast. Or email for more information.

Customization Key to Successful Listing Presentations

When it comes to making effective listing presentations, customizable templates are the key to your success.  Being able to easily add or remove copy, update images and add your clients’ personal information while speaking to your unique value proposition is an absolute must to help set yourself apart from the competition.

You have to show clients how you are going to sell their property. Customized listing presentations will explain your marketing strategy, how you reach buyers’ agents for successful open houses and demonstrate past results. You will quickly and effectively showcase your selling technique, experience and past successes.

Very few agents have the time or inclination to waste hours preparing an outdated power point presentation for every new client. The result is many agents using one listing presentation for everyone. Customized presentations can give you the edge over the competition.
  • Client’s name, address and even a photo of their home to make it a personal presentation they can relate to
  • Referrals from past clients
  • Designs to suit your taste with a wide selection of colors to match your brand and logos
  • Easy to use templates that allow you to showcase your skills and experience as well as the benefits of working with your particular agency or brokerage
  • Pre-written copy covering strategic advantages of your approach including Staging, Pricing, Marketing and Negotiating
  • Editable pages as well as the option to delete pages based on your clients’ needs
  • Rights to use the template as often as needed

Realtour offers an online Listing Presentation software that provides all of these features. The original template remains in your account and can be accessed whenever you need it from any computer, smart phone or tablet ideal for presenting on the go. A single one-time fee provides you with limitless use for effective, customizable listing presentations that win new clients.

Visit to create your first listing presentation today!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5 Reasons Pro Photography is a Must to sell Homes

It might surprise you to learn that pro real estate shots increase selling prices by up to 47% per square foot and click throughs by 61%. If you are still using your own photography here are five reasons pro photography is a must:
  1. Competitive Edge: 80.9% of real estate agents do not use professional quality photos. That means you can have the edge over 80% of the competition by hiring the pros.
  2. Cream of the Crop: Despite the fact that 89% of home buyers are viewing online photos and virtual tours when house hunting, just a little over 15% of real estate agents make the small investment required to impress buyers with professional tours and photos. You should be one of them!
  3. Your Time & Money: The price of a DSLR camera will cost you from $500 to over $1,000 (You absolutely must never use your phone to shoot a property you are trying to sell!). The average photo shoot will take over two hours of YOUR valuable time. Let the pros do the shoot while you sell houses.
  4. Better Offers: Remember, professional photos could increase the price of your properties by 47% per square foot. This is an important selling point you can add to your Listing Presentation when seeking new clients.
  5. 1% Investment: Professional shots will only cost an average of 1% of your potential profits.

Many agents think they are saving themselves money by doing their own photos. However when you do the math you are increasing your housing prices up to 47% per square foot and investing a mere 1% of your potential earnings on pro photos for an edge on over 80% of your competition. You cannot deny this is just good business sense.

Realtour has the BEST photographers in your area*. Visit and set up your FREE, no obligation account to schedule cost effective professional photography for your next listing. You can also join us on Facebook to view their work and keep up with our latest marketing tools and tips.

*We currently offer photography services in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, California, Illinois and Minneapolis.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Why Virtual Tours make a Difference

We’ve already mentioned that 89% of buyers begin their house hunting online to access instant information and view virtual tours. Virtual tours provide a realistic look at all of the rooms and features of a home in a matter of minutes. Here is why virtual tours make a difference in your results:

  • Websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without
  • Virtual tours are clicked 40% more than stills (Planet Home and Realtor)
  • 75% of buyers use virtual tours during the final decision making (Planet Home)
  • Listings with virtual tours can generate 47% more dollars per square foot than still images or poor quality images
  • Available 24/7 so buyers can view them at their convenience
  • Can be syndicated to reach the highest profile sites in the industry including, MLS, Trulia, Zillow and YouTube
  • Provides a professional image of you while engaging buyers
  • People searching online WANT TO BUY a house in YOUR area

Virtual tours also provide you with an edge over the competition with professional photos you can use in all of your marketing materials. Professional shots used in digital marketing such as eflyers increases click throughs by 61%.
When you use Realtour’s pro photography you get a FREE virtual tour and FREE Printable Property Flyer with access to our targeted eblast tool to instantly reach as many agents as you wish. AND Professional shots will cost you less than 1% of your earnings.

Start increasing your sales and create your FREE Realtour account with access to our online marketing tools, the best pro photographers in your area and stunning virtual tours that sell houses.

How to be your own Digital Marketing Expert

89% of Home Buyers Start Shopping Online

You know there is more to selling houses than staking a sign in the front yard. 89% of house hunters are looking for their dream home online. People no longer read the Sunday papers looking for open houses. Instead they shop online viewing listings and virtual tours to save time. That means you have to become your own digital marketing expert if you want to reach not only home buyers, but their agents.

Marketing Experts Cost Money

It takes work to get all your marketing materials together and paying someone else to get the message out eats into your commission. With the right tools you could cut your effort by more than half and prepare your own digital marketing at a fraction of the cost.
  • The tools you need should ideally allow you to:
  • Prepare quick and easy virtual tours you can post to major sites such as, MLS, YouTube, Zillow, Trulia and Vast
  • Have instant syndicated exposure to thousands of house hunters and agents looking for properties in your neighborhood
  • Prepare complimentary marketing products such as eflyers using a unique “push” method that puts the information in front of the buyers’ agents so they can see you have just what their client wants to sell houses faster
  • Unique area targeted email addresses based on active agents, not zip codes
  • Provide consistency and automatic preparation of customized backup print materials such as professional quality brochures for open houses and post cards to attract new clients
  • See statistics based on who is viewing your virtual tours and reading your eflyers to track your efforts

Becoming your own digital marketing expert can increase sales with minimal investment while getting higher quality custom digital marketing materials that sell houses.

Realtour has the simple, affordable digital marketing tools you need with FREE, no obligation membership and your choice of marketing packages or a la carte services ideal for your needs. Email for more information or visit to get started today.