Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How to Brand Your Virtual Tours for YouTube

When creating a virtual tour in your Realtour account, you can improve your exposure by choosing to post your tour on either our YouTube channel or your own. Although our system will add your contact information, many agents prefer to have more prominent branding on their tours. You can use our captions tool to have your contact information appear throughout the duration of the tour.
The step of adding captions should be completed before posting it to YouTube. 

Our captions tool allows you to brand your tour more effectively for YouTube.

To add branding captions follow these simple steps:
  • Go to the Manage Photos tab 
  • Click the Edit/Add Captions link below your first image
  • In the Location field, Type the name of your company and then in the captions field type: For more information please call your name and phone number. 
  • Copy your text and then click the Next Image link appearing in the bottom right corner of the image box.
  • Paste the copy into the next box and click Next Image and continue this until you have completed all of the images
You can roll over the images in the Manage Photos box to make sure you have covered all the images or proof your video and you will see your contact information appearing throughout the tour.

Once your tour is complete you will receive an email from us that includes a link to activate your YouTube posting. Click this link to provide permission to post it to YouTube.

You can add captions after your tour is  live by logging onto your account, going to the Virtual Tours box on your dashboard, clicking edit existing and then click edit for the tour in question. You can then follow the steps above. In this case you will also have to go to the Virtual Tour Links tab, select YouTube and opt to post it on our YouTube site or yours.

As a final step you can download the video provided in our email and upload it to your own YouTube channel. For even more exposure you can choose to add your logo as a watermark on your YouTube Channel following the instructions here.

For step by step instructions for adding captions in general click here. For more information about our virtual tours and marketing tools please visit

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Two Technologies to help you sell Houses

Selling properties is becoming more dependent on technology. Today’s buyer starts their search online and is becoming savvier on what they expect to see in their online search. Two technologies that are raising the bar and helping agents give the best possible online experience include drone aerial photography and video in hand with 3D virtual tours.

Drones make impactful aerial photos affordable & accessible.

Birds' Eye Perspective with Drones

Drones offer an affordable way for real estate photographers to provide buyers with a birds' eye perspective not only of a property, but the surrounding area. From an overhead look at the street and neighboring homes to local amenities and transportation, the drone is giving buyers a more interesting and detailed perspective on the homes they might be interested in viewing.
Drones offer stunning views from above showing green areas, land and interesting perspectives for the approach of the home. This makes an everyday virtual tour more exciting and also provides more visual details without the need to read through the information about the area itself.

Realistic Viewing with 3D Virtual Tours

The 3D virtual tour is providing a walk through experience like no other. Buyers can literally walk through the home for a realistic experience that does not just show the rooms of the home, but also a concept of the flow and layout of the home. Instead of trying to match floor plans to images of rooms, they will have a tour as close as possible to actually physically viewing the home in real life.
Busy buyers do not have time to visit homes like they used to. This new perspective combining aerial video and images with a 3D virtual tour makes it easier for buyers to narrow down their options for perspective purchases.

If you want to learn more about this new technology, email to find a drone photographer in your area*. View our sample 3D virtual tour, 3D virtual tours are available in Houston and Dallas.

*Photography services are available in Texas, Colorado. Florida, Arizona, Illinois and California