Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to use PDF's to make your Marketing Easier

Whether you are creating an eflyer or virtual tour in your Realtour account, being able to use PDF’s makes it easier to use the images you have at hand. This new feature allows you to upload PDF’s to help with your marketing efforts in a number of ways.

One Format, Multiple Purposes

If you have print flyers made through your office or a graphic designer the artwork is usually saved as a PDF. This format allows you to capture all the elements of your printed document as a single image. It is easy to send out an eflyer blast using the same artwork you have used for your print flyers. To send out an eflyer using your PDF images follow these simple steps:
  • Log onto your account and click your Eflyer icon on your dashboard.
  • Enter the listing address, or if you are not advertising a specific address, add the name of the flyer in the address line in hand with your town, state and zip code as we have done here:

  • Click continue to go to the Template Library
  • Click the Blank Templates category and click select for the blank template that works for your flyer size as shown here:

  • Click the Upload Images button and upload your PDF.
  • Drag and drop your PDF into the blank template as shown here and continue to the Mapblast tool to send out your eflyer:

PDF's and Virtual Tours

You can also use PDF's in your virtual tours. Any standard image saved as a PDF can be uploaded to your tour using these steps:
  • Log onto your account and click the Virtual Tour icon
  • For new listings, click the Create New button and complete the listing details form.
  • For an existing listing, click the edit button. 
  • Upload your images by clicking the upload images button.

Take Advantage of Floor Plans

Floor plans are often saved as PDF’s as well. You can now upload your floor plans more easily for use in our virtual tours. To use our floor plan feature in your virtual tours follow these easy steps:
  • Log onto your account and click Create New on your Virtual Tour icon (or edit if you are making changes to an existing tour)
  • If a new listing, enter the listing address and property description and click continue 
  • If a new listing, click Select under Upload Your Own Photograph and then select either a Gold or Platinum tour (The floor plan option is not available on Bronze and Silver tours)
  • Whether you are doing a new listing or editing, you can upload your images as usual by selecting the Manage Photos tab
  • To upload your floor plan, remaining on the Manage Photos page, click the Floor Plan tab
  • Click Upload Images and find your PDF on your computer and select it to upload
  • Click the Floor plan Creator tab
  • You can then add or delete floor levels for the home using the blue buttons shown here:

  • Click the Floor Plans tab and click to drag your floor plan into the appropriate floor. 
  • You will then see your floor plan appear in the box on the right of your images box. Drag the images for each room into the floor plan in the appropriate spot and a camera will appear that is clickable to view the image as shown here:
Note the small cameras that now appear on the floor plan. This shows they are now linked to an image.
  • The floor plan will then appear on your tour allowing viewers to download it, print it or click the camera icons to see where each room is situated in the home as shown here:
This is how your floorplan appears in the tour. Images pop up when you click on the camera icons

Now that PDF's are compatible with our marketing suite, you can save time by using existing artwork for eflyers as well as add some exciting features to your virtual tours such as floor plans. For more information or assistance you can always pop onto our online support