Monday, 25 April 2016

How to edit your Realtour Marketing Materials

Editing your Realtour marketing materials is easy, as long as you understand the proper steps to take. Here is an overview of how to make your edits.Just scroll down to find the tool you are using.

To edit any of your materials, simply click Edit Existing on the appropriate tool.

Editing Virtual Tours

If you need to make edits to your heading, price, address or listing details for your virtual tour, all of these changes can be made on the Property Details tab. To get there:
  • Log onto your account
  • Click Edit Existing on the Virtual Tour icon on your dashboard
  • Click Edit on the tour you need to edit
  • Click the Property Details tab and make your edits
  • Any other changes such as to branding, music or captions can be made by clicking on the respective tabs.
The Property Details tab allows you to make edits to your listing information, price and heading.

All changes will automatically be updated regardless of where you have posted your virtual tour.

Eflyers & Print Materials

Once you have saved and/or sent an eflyer and print materials all edits must be made on the Edit Template tab. This includes changes to your head shots, logos and contact information. To get there:
  • Log onto your account
  • Click Edit Existing on the Eflyer or Print Materials icon on your dashboard
  • Click Edit on the listing you need to edit
  • For eflyers it can get a little more complicated at this point as you might see this window first if you have already sent a version of the eflyer:
  • If you do see this window make sure that you are selecting the correct version as it is a very common mistake to choose the wrong one. Click Edit to get to the Edit Template tab.
  • For both print materials and eflyers that have not been sent yet, you will see a window that shows listings with and without the marketing materials in question:

  • Again, be certain you are clicking edit on the correct version from the correct box.

Tip: If you have many versions of an eflyer it is always a good idea to discard any that you do not need or that are incorrect by clicking the Delete button. Again, if doing so be certain you are selecting the correct version as once deleted it cannot be retrieved.

Once you click Edit, it will take you directly to the Edit Template tab.

The Edit Template tab allows you to edit all text boxes, upload new images and replace images.

Once you are on the Edit Template tab, you are able to click directly on any of the text boxes to make your changes. For images, you can upload new ones by clicking on the upload images tab, or to select an image already uploaded just click on it and drag it over to the image box. This will automatically replace the image for you. You can also upload images on the Manage Photos tab.

Any changes you wish to make to your branding must be made on the Edit Template tab once you have started, sent or paid for print materials or eflyers. To upload new images including head shots and logos you can do it either on the Manage Photos tab or on the Edit Template tab. Both offer a folder with tabs for photos, head shots, logos, etc. Just make sure you click the right tab. You can then drag them into place over the existing head shot or logo.

Make sure that you are clicking the continue or refresh button while working on your eflyer or print materials to save changes.

This is the last step that will allow you to make a change to your Subject Line, highlighted here in red.
Make sure that if you want to make a change to the Subject Line of your eflyer you either change it on the Links tab, or look for it after you have made your mapblast selection. This is the last time you will see your Subject Line appear for editing.

Permanent Branding Updates

For permanent changes to your branding, you can then make sure you update your information on the My Account section on the main navigation. This will then auto populate any marketing materials you make moving forward with your updated branding and contact information.

Make Edits on all Marketing Materials

Remember that if you have your virtual tour posted publicly you will have to make changes to the tour as well. Changes made to an eflyer or your print materials will not automatically make a change to your Property Details for your virtual tours.

Realtour offers free tutorials to help you learn the quickest ways to use our tools. We also provide online chats and even have a Virtual Assistant to build your materials for you. 

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