Tuesday, 5 July 2016

How to add Captions to your Realtour Virtual Tours

Adding captions is now easier than ever. You can now create captions, manage your photos and control the order in which images will appear on the Manage Photos tab. Here are the easy to follow steps to help you create your captions and manage your images:

Step 1: Select the Manage Photos tab highlighted here in yellow.

Step 2: Click to highlight an image you wish to move and then drag your image to the position you wish it to appear.

Step 3: Click the Add/Edit Caption link below your image circled here in green and a pop up window will appear

Step 4: To add your location, such as kitchen, master bedroom, backyard click the top box circled here in green.

Step 5: Your caption is then added by clicking the box below shown here circled in green. You will see your caption and location appear on your image as shown here circled in blue.

Step 6: To continue adding captions, just click the next image link circled here in green.

When you roll over images in your Manage Photos box you can see your captions appear with a close up of your image as shown below.


To edit a caption, simply click the Add/Edit Captions link and make the following changes as required:
  • Delete a caption by clicking the text box and deleting all of the copy. Do not click the X in the captions box, circled here in green, as this will not remove the caption!
  • Edit your captions, by clicking on the text boxes circled here in red.
  • Choose or change your font by clicking on the font selection box circled here in blue.

This captions upgrade will save you time and frustration, making it a snap to highlight the features of your listings for a more enjoyable and informative viewing experience. 

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