Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Two Best Ways to start a Realtour Campaign

There are two ways you can create a campaign using the Realtour system. The first is scheduling a photo shoot with one of our photographers and the second is to begin with an eflyer. By starting your campaigns off with the right first step you will save both time and money.

1. With a Photo Shoot 

We always recommend that our clients begin their campaigns with a photo shoot as nothing provides a better base for advertising a listing then professional images. As well, your photographer will upload your images, create your free virtual tour and you also receive limitless use of our print creator tool to create free post cards, flyers and brochures.

The beauty of using our photography services is that you will not only have stunning images to use in your marketing materials, but you also save time and money in the following ways:
  • Your photographer uploads your images for you and also prepares your virtual tour. You can then add music, captions and choose your branding colors.
  • You receive a free platinum tour, which is our premium tour complete with all of the bells and whistles you need.
  • You receive free use of our print creator to create print ready PDFs for your post cards, flyers and brochures.
  • Your photos are ready for use in our eflyers and print materials as well.
  • If you create your free print flyer, a copy is saved for use as an eflyer in our system.

Click here for instructions on how to get started.

2. With an Eflyer  

If you are not planning to use our photography services and have images ready to go, an eflyer is the best way to start your campaign. When you start with an eflyer you will automatically generate a free bronze tour and link which is added to your eflyer and you also automatically will create a free print flyer. You can also choose to create a free post card or brochure as well.

The benefits of starting your campaign with an eflyer are:
  • You can announce your listing and reach thousands of targeted buyers’ agents in the perfect area
  • You can upload all of your images to auto generate your free bronze tour and include the link with your eflyer for agents to view and share with their clients
  • Your print flyer will automatically be created and you can download the PDF to print and share at open houses or place in your For Sale sign flyer holder

Click here for instructions on how to get started.

What you need to know about Eflyers

If you wish to start a campaign using an eflyer or just create an eflyer in general, follow these steps:

Log onto your account and click the Eflyer icon on your dashboard.

You will be asked to fill in your listing details. Fill in all of the info and details as it will then auto populate on your template and also be saved when your virtual tour is auto created. Once the information is complete you will see the continue button appear. Click the button to arrive at the template library.

Take the time to look at the templates available and choose the one that best suits your needs. You can click preview to see a larger image of the template and then click select when you find the one you wish to use.

The blank template will appear on the right complete with your listing details and your contact information. On the left you will see the image box. First click the upload button in the image box to upload your images. For the best virtual tour experience for viewers, upload all of your images here. This will also make it easier to find the image that works best in your eflyer.

To add an image to your eflyer, click on the image you wish to use and drag them into the green image squares. To replace an image, just click on the new one and drag it over the existing one. If you wish to delete an image square, click the red X. To bring the image square back click the green check mark. To edit copy just click on the copy and the text editor will appear. You can add, change and delete copy as well as change the size and color.

Once you are satisfied with your elfyer, click continue to go to the proofing page. Here it is very important that you check every detail to ensure it is correct. You don’t want to send out an eflyer with a glaring mistake. Once it is gone, it cannot be retrieved! On this page you can also email the proof to your client or broker for approval.

Next click the Links tab and here you can add your subject line. You can also add up to three links and you will also see your virtual tour link is already there for you. If you do not wish to use the virtual tour link, highlight it and delete both the title and the link. To add a link just copy it from your browser and paste it into the link field. You can add any title you wish. You can also check the links are working and make sure your subject line works by clicking the Preview button. Once you are happy you can then click continue.

To send your eflyer you have three options: Use our mapblast tool to reach agents in the areas of your choice, upload or add your own contacts, or do both.

To send by mapblast, click the mapblast icon and you will see the map appear with your listing centred in the mapblast tool. This gives a good selection around the area. You can look at the amount of names covered in the area as well as the cost on the right of the map. If you are happy with this, you can click the continue button. If you wish to enlarge or shrink the area selected you can click the white circles on the box and drag them to change the size of the box. To move the area selected click the red box and drag it to the area you wish to select. You can also add a series of targets anywhere in the United States by clicking the “Add another target area button”. You will see a new box appear and you can move it by dragging it and you can also resize it. You can delete a target area by clicking the red X that appears on the target list. Once you are happy, click the continue button.

If you wish to add your own contacts click the contacts icon. You will see a white box appear at the top of the screen. The easiest way to create a list is to copy your email addresses and then paste them into the box. You can then name and save your list which will be saved in your account. Another option is to import or upload your list. Click the button you wish to use to upload your list or import your contacts. Lists can be deleted by clicking the red X and edited by clicking edit. Be certain that you have clicked the little box under send to in order to add any of your lists. You can create a list as small as a single name if you wish. The lists must contain email addresses only. Click continue when you are finished.

You will see a final count and cost once you have completed your target and mailing choices. If all seems well, click the continue button to pay. Just another warning: Once you pay your eflyer can go out as quickly as a few minutes depending on the cue waiting to be mailed. This means it is imperative you are completely 100% certain there are no errors in your eflyer.

What you need to know about Realtour Photo Shoots

Review this blog to learn everything you need to know about booking a photo shoot with one of our professional real estate photographers.

How to Book a Shoot:

Log onto your account.

Click the Photo Shoot icon on your dashboard.

You will be asked to fill in your listing details in order to a) Provide the address for the photographer and b) Provide the zip code for our system to find the photographers available in your area. You can choose to fill in all of the info and details at this time, or just provide the full address.

With the zip code and address our system will then show you the photographers in your area. You can look at their portfolios, review their pricing and services and also see their availability on their schedules.

Once you decide on the photographer you wish to schedule, click the date you wish to book.
You will arrive on the price list and menu of services. Review the services and click the dot to select the services you wish to book and click continue.

You will then be asked to enter some information to provide instructions to the photographers such as how they can access the home, will you be there, or will your client be at home, etc. Complete the info and then click add to cart to pay.

Please note that you have to pay to secure the date you have selected. Even if the booking is in your shopping cart, it will not reserve the date until it is paid.

Confirmation & Cancellations

You will then receive confirmation from your photographer who will contact you to set up a time on the date you have selected. To cancel or reschedule a photo shoot you must contact your photographer directly. 

Completed Photo Shoots

Once the shoot is complete your photographer will upload your images into the virtual tours in your account. To access your images or complete your virtual tour follow these steps:
Log onto your account and click the Virtual Tours icon. 

Find your listing and click edit to view the images and tour. 

To download the images you can click the Manage Photos tab and scroll down to the Download arrow. Select the size required and the images will download a zipped folder to your computer. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How to Avoid Losing Clients Due to Attrition

They say that on average a real estate agent will lose 20 percent of their clients due to attrition. When you allow yourself to fall out of touch with clients, you are potentially missing out on the 86 percent of clients who would use you again or refer you to others. All of these numbers add up to one thing: You cannot afford to lose touch with any of your past clients.

Staying Quiet

Being busy is often the reason agents lose touch with clients. However, remaining in contact should be a number one priority for you. You can look for ways to send auto messages via email, drip campaigns or a newsletter service, or just mark it in your calendar and make sure you do it. It can be as little as once a month, or even quarterly, but it has to be on a regular basis so that you are never out of touch for too long a period. Out of sight is out of mind.

No Budget

Many agents make the mistake of investing in the wrong marketing tactics and then wonder why they are not getting new clients. Keeping in mind that 86 percent is the average number of clients that are repeat business or referrals, focusing on remaining in contact with current clients is actually more important than investing in ads to attract new clients. You can invest as little as $50 per month to send out useful information via newsletters to maintain the clients you currently have and that will be more likely to refer you to friends and family.

Show your Value

One of the most effective ways to avoid attrition is to continue to show your value. This does not mean you have to keep knocking on the door, or calling them on the phone. It simply means that you should use your knowledge to keep your clients informed about what is happening in the real estate market in their area. A little newsletter that is emailed or mailed through snail mail is the easiest way to keep clients up to date on market trends and let them know how it effects them.

Many homeowners move into a home and don’t give its value a second thought. By providing them with a market overview monthly, you can remind them of the value of their home and let them know how much houses are selling for in their neighborhood. It not only provides incentive to consider selling, but also reminds them you are a local expert so they will consider referring you should someone they know be selling.

Be Folksy

It never hurts to be a little folksy with clients and share fun, useful information throughout the year. Whether it is tips for holiday shopping, recipes for barbecuing or gardening ideas, looking at the opportunity to provide engaging information that is perfect for homeowners is a non-invasive way to keep in touch.


Make sure you make a note of your clients’ birthdays if at all possible. It is always thoughtful to send out birthday wishes as it makes them feel special while reminding them you are around. You can even take note of other special dates you might be privy to such as kids’ birthdays or graduation dates, wedding anniversaries, etc. Then hit the important holidays with a personalized, hand written (or at least signed) card.

Personal Touch

You will learn a lot about your clients when you are working with them through the selling (or buying) process. Sharing information that is specific to their needs will not only appear thoughtful, but also provide them with information they can actually use. It also shows them that just because their house was sold, or their purchase is complete doesn’t mean you don’t still have their best interests at heart and want to help.

You can even share a link to an interesting article or blog you think they might enjoy to connect to them. This can introduce them to fun websites that they can refer to again and again. They will be thankful you thought of them.

You can also share information about yourself. It should not get too personal, but if you have new skills, have changed brokers, won an award, etc. you can share this in an email with a little “think of me for your next sale or purchase” note.

Local Events

You can also keep up with local events and send out an email or newsletter about community celebrations, barbecues, concerts, new restaurant openings, etc. This shows them that you not only know the area, but that you are a member of the community and support local businesses.

Avoiding attrition is easy if you make the effort to remain on the best of terms with all of your clients. The only reason to cross a client off your contact list is if they ask you to!

Learn about Realtour's Ready to Send Newsletter service.