Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to Build your DIY Newsletter

To build a DIY newsletters follow these steps:
Log onto your account and click "Create a Newsletter" on the Newsletter icon.

Click the "Create Build My Own Newsletter" button and name your newsletter.

You will then be sent to the template library. You can click "Preview" to take a look at the format before clicking the "Select" button. 

Once you choose the type of format you will see the template categories appear. This is the template library. You can browse the categories by clicking them and as with the format choices you can click "Preview" to get a better look at the templates and then "Select" when you find the one you wish to use.

When you select your template the template will appear ready for editing. To the left you will see the image box where you can upload images, head shots and logos. To the right is the blank template ready for your copy and images.

To add text, just click on the template and begin typing. For images, first click the upload image button to upload your images, then click the image in your image bucket and drag it to the template. 

You can change the font, color, size and style by highlighting it. A text editing tool will appear and you can use it to customize the look.

You can name your newsletter and add a sub-heading by clicking them. 

To enlarge an image, click it, hold down the shift key and drag the white handles. Here is the before image with the image highlighted and the white handles showing: 

Here is the after shot of the enlarged image:

You can add links to your social media pages by clicking the social media tab and pasting them into the fields. This will then add a clickable icon for each one you add to the foot of your newsletter.

You can also add an introductory personal message that appears at the top of the newsletter email. This is not really needed since you can customize your newsletter content. However, some people do like to use this feature. Just click the Personal Message tab and enter your copy.

Once you finish your work, click continue or go to the View Proof tab on the navigation. You will be asked to add your subject line. This will appear in the subject line of your email.

You will then see your newsletter to give it one last proof. If you wish to make corrections you can click the "Edit" button or if all is fine click "Continue" to go to distribution. Here you can choose between adding your own contacts or using our mapblast tool.

To upload contacts click the "Add Email My Contacts" icon. On this page you have a number of options. First, you can add a single email address, or as many as you wish in the white text box provided. This can work well if you have an existing list that consists of just email addresses as you can copy them all at once and paste them into the field. You can then name and save your list. 

The other options include uploading a CVS file or importing your Yahoo or Gmail contacts list. Just click the choice you wish to use.

CVS: This selection will lead you to your computer so you can locate the file and select it to be uploaded.

Gmail: This option will show you your Gmail contact lists. Just click the box to choose the lists you wish to upload:

Yahoo: This option will lead you to your Yahoo account. You can follow the steps as they appear:

Once you have uploaded contacts you can then click the check box for the lists you wish to include.
You can edit your lists by clicking the edit option and save them to keep them up to date conveniently in your Realtour account.

You also have the choice to use our Mapblast tool by clicking the "Add Email Mapblast" icon.  

To send by mapblast, click the mapblast icon and you will see the map appear with your listing centred in the mapblast tool. This gives a good selection around the area. You can look at the amount of names covered in the area as well as the cost on the right of the map. If you are happy with this, you can click the continue button. If you wish to enlarge or shrink the area selected you can click the white circles on the box and drag them to change the size of the box. To move the area selected click the red box and drag it to the area you wish to select. You can also add a series of targets anywhere in the United States by clicking the “Add another target area button”. You will see a new box appear and you can move it by dragging it and you can also resize it. You can delete a target area by clicking the red X that appears on the target list. Once you are happy, click the continue button.

You can opt to use both distribution methods. Just follow the directions for both options.