Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to post your Realtour Ready to Send Newsletters to Social Media

Coming up with new posts for social media pages is never easy. However if you subscribe to Realtour's Ready to Send Newsletters you can send out a newsletter every week and use the link as an ideal post. You can share fun tips from decorating to entertaining and gardening to mortgages using these easy steps:

First select a newsletter you wish to post and send it to yourself. When you receive the newsletter look for the "View in Browser" link at the top as shown here:

Click the link and then copy the URL from the browser by highlighting and clicking control C on your keyboard:

Log onto your social media pages and enter some introductory copy for the link and then paste the link into the post by clicking Control V on your keyboard. You can also upload an image if you wish:

Your post will then appear on your social media page as shown here on Facebook:

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